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Global Export Corp, headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, started its operation in international import and export ten years ago and has excelled in the field of international import and export in many regions of the world. Through close contact with manufacturers and international importers and exporters, Global Export corporation has mastered many aspects of international import and export. Management of various aspects of international import and export in a timely manner has ensured smooth and successful experience of our customers in trusting Global Export corporation with their product delivery when it comes to international import or export. Just like a thoughtful chess player Global Export corporation exercises well thought out moves in international importing and exporting of products to the advantage of its customers.

Global Export corporation has extensive experience in the international importing and exporting of consumer goods, electrical and electronics products, Remote Control (RC) hobby industry parts, electric motors, renewable energy products, clothing and garments, LED lights, automotive products, Solar panels, sheet metal, inverters, printed circuit board (PWB), tooling and molding, camping equipment, construction material, food supplement products, restaurant equipment, furniture, and many other areas.

Our know-how in the international import and export field can be a competitive advantage and your edge. Contact us and learn how easily you can relieve your organization from the head aches of international import and export. We take on the responsibility for your product quality, price, and delivery so you don’t have to deal with the mysteries of overseas manufacturers. Our qualified suppliers are well qualified to produce your product to the highest standards. For your international importing and exporting you can think of Global Export corp as your manufacturer, your forwarder, your third party logistics (3PL) company.

Global Export corporation can be a one stop shop for all the support you need in international import and export.


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